All players start with the same amount of cards. Everyone can see their own deck of cards as well as the deck that is the same for all players.

For each player, there's exactly one corresponding symbol on the two visible cards. As soon as the first player finds the matching symbol, he has to put his own card on public deck and tell Alexa the matching symbol.
If the player named the wrong symbol or no symbol at all, the card automatically goes back on his own deck of cards and all players can place their cards again. Otherwise, the card remains visible on top of the pile. The goal of Card2Throw is to get rid of all your own cards as fast as possible.

Benedikt Strehle

I am 18 years old. I graduated from highschool in July 2019 and started studying IT afterwards.

I was mainly responsible for the implementation of the Alexa skill and the programming of the backend which controls the Alexa and handles the game logic.
I was also responsible for the creation of the animations.


Jonas Strehle

I am 19 years old and started studying IT after I graduated from highschool in 2019.
I like to develop practical and entertaining applications that are fun for both myself and the users.
I was responsible for the implementation and programming of the frontend of Card2Throw (webinterface interaction and interface design). In addition I was mainly responsible for the design of the static graphics and the shop interface.



To play Card2Throw, you need to talk to Alexa using an Echo device or the Alexa App.
Alexa will tell you a 6-digit code that you can enter to join a game.

Card2Throw WebApp

Please visit on your mobile device (phone or tablet) to play Card2Throw. Currently, Desktop PCs are not supported.


You can play Card2Throw in single player mode or together with up to 5 friends


We are two young developers from Germany and started developing Card2Throw in our last year of highschool

How to play

Take a look at a more detailed explanation of the rules: Card2Throw Rules